Our Services

Service:  All of our service contracts are customized to fit not only your building, but also your budget.  Before any service agreement is signed, we will perform a total performance audit and develop a maintenance plan.  You, as a consumer of elevator services, will be glad to know that our contracts are clear and easy to understand with no hidden fees or outrageous charges.  We strive to differentiate ourselves from all the other elevator service companies.


Repair and Inspections:  At Traco Elevator we perform all state required safety testing and, if needed, provide a third party inspector.  Along with testing, we perform all needed repairs to your elevator equipment. 


Modernization:  When the time comes to upgrade your elevator equipment, Traco Elevator is there to provide professional, state of the art upgrades to your equipment.  We can modernize everything from new solid state control systems, machine, hydraulic jack, door operators to custom cab interiors.